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Sludge Suction Device / Vacuum Loader

Sub-engine is equipped so it is possible to work without track chassis and/or electric power source.
And VL-26 is a light weight and compact size so suction work and transporting are available mounting on 3 ton class truck.

Model VL-26

Main Technical Data

Example of use

  • For small job site.
  • For narrow job site & job site with narrow access road such as a park and/or building inside, etc.
  • For job site where vacuum vehicle cannot enter such as riverside, sandy place, factory inside and/or rough & steep slope.
  • For stationary such as factory inside and/or various facilities.
  • For stationary such as long term construction site.
Main Technical Data
Blower air volume 25.9m3/min
Vacuum pressure -50kPa
Blower discharge pressure 0.055MPa
Tank capacity Approx. 860 lit.(Approx. 660 lit. in time of full tank)
Overall length Approx. 2,350mm
Overall height Approx. 1,560mm
Overall width Approx. 2,200mm
Rated Output 34.2kw/1,900min-1
Weight Approx. 1,760kg