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Sludge Suction Device / Vacuum Loader

Sub-engine is equipped so it is possible to work without track chassis and/or electric power source.
And VL-26DR is a light weight and compact size so suction work and transporting are available mounting on 3 ton class truck.

Model VL-26DR

Main Technical Data

Example of use

  • For small job site.
  • For narrow job site & job site with narrow access road such as a park and/or building inside, etc.
  • For job site where vacuum vehicle cannot enter such as riverside, sandy place, factory inside and/or rough & steep slope.
  • For stationary such as factory inside and/or various facilities.
  • For stationary such as long term construction site.
Main Technical Data
Model VL-26DR
Air Delivery 25.9m3/min
Vacuum -50kPa
Tank Capacity 860 L
Overall Length 2,450mm
Overall Height 1,600mm
Overall Width 2,250mm
Rated Output 34.2kw/1,900min-1
Weight 1,760kg