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Road Maintenance Vehicle model MRK-30D9AW

HANTA Road Maintenance Vehicle is equipped with three excellent functions;
1. Dump vessel, 2. Asphalt tank with hand spray unit, 3. Air compressor.
This machine can complete repair work of small-scale site with all functions by itself.


Main Technical Data
· Dump vessel with material discharging device
Payload Approx. 2,500 kg
Loading volume Approx. 2.0 M3
Reciprocating feeder Hydraulic driven
Feeder stroke Approx. 550 mm
Feeder width Approx. 550 mm
Feeder height Approx. 200 mm
Theoretical discharge volume 0.06 M3/stroke
· Asphalt tank with diesel burner heating system
Loading capacity 900 liters
Manhole 300 mm inside diameter with hinged cover
Heating insulation 70 mm thick
Heating flue One set of U shaped 114 m outside diameter steel pipe
Burner system One set of gun type fuel atomizing diesel burner
Fuel tank capacity 50 liters
· Air Compressor Unit
Type Screw rotation type
Rated air pressure Approx. 102 psi / 0.7MPa
Free air delivery Approx. 2.2 M3 / min (80cfm)
Engine & output Diesel engine, Approx .16.8KW (22.8PS)