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Wheel Type Mini Asphalt Paver: Model F1741W3

Wheels Type Mini Asphalt Paver: Model F1741W3
Main Technical Data

Pavements change by Zscreeds.
The density, finishing and stability in pavement are improved simultaneously and are not influenced by paving width, laying thickness and laying speed. Two lines center link type feeder like large class paver is adopted. It is possible to convey asphalt mix in right hand feeder or left hand feeder independently.
Maneuverability and safety are improved by tilt type control box.

Main Technical Data
Model Designation  F1741W3
Weight Approx. 7,180kg
Paving Width 1.75~4.1m
Dimension(L×W×H) 5,355(L)×1,940(W)×2,005(H)mm
Paving Thickness 10~150mm
Paving Speed 4WD:1~8.5m/min
Rated Output 36.0kW/1,900min-1
Wheels Type Mini Asphalt Paver: F1741W3
Designated Low Noise Level Construction Machine registered to Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport. (97’Version)
Conformity vehicle for exhaust gas control standard to designated special vehicles.